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Switch Ethernet Reyee RG-ES08G

The perfect combination of quality, ease of use & cost effectiveness

Ruijie Real-easy Series Plastic Switch is a desktop switch tailored for small enterprises, small-scale surveillance and SOHO, which consists of a total of 4 different models to meet the network needs of small enterprise customers. The switches feature plug and play, zero configuration and compatibility with a variety of terminals such as network cameras, printers, PCs, etc., to offer fast deployment experience.

Switch Ethernet serie RG-ES05G/08G de bureau non administrable boîtier en plastique

Exquisite Design, Powerful Performance

The matte-finish diamond pattern design with honeycomb heat dissipation holes at the bottom ensures effective heat dissipation while offering an exquisite appearance. The embedded foot pads and hidden hanging hole design also provide ease of use for the users

Enterprise-grade Quality Materials

The 8-pin port supports network cables of various qualities, and the enterprise-grade components ensure no packet loss or lagging for data transmission

Conduct Stringent Testing , Provide Worry-free Products

A series of rigorous tests have been performed in the manufacturing process, including anti-drop test, anti-collision test, high-temperature resistance test and humidity resistance test, to provide worry-free products.

Plug and Play & Energy Saving

Self-adaptive feature is supported for the network ports. With zero configuration, the device can operate instantly after plugging in. The energy saving feature enables the non-operating ports to automatically reduce power consumption, and the fanless design also enables noiseless operation

Strong Adaptability for Various Network Requirements

Ideal choice for surveillance, Small Business, school dormitories, SOHO, and home use

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